Series in Acts

Our current talks on Sunday mornings center around the amazing time in history when a massive invasion from heaven took place. First Jesus came, the Son of God in human form, then as He took away the guilt of mankind and made us right with God by dying on the cross, Jesus rose from the dead to show us that death is not the end. People's lives where transformed by His message and His miracles. He was seen by more than 500 people in His resurrected body. Mind blowing huh? Then his disciples continued this heaven's invasion as Luke the author of Acts (a book in the Bible) records it. We are invited into their trials, defeats and victories as we go through this book. We also will witness in their story the answers to many of our questions in our stories today. Why am I here? How do I deal with mean-ers? Who is God? Who is Jesus? How do I or why should I pray when the stuff hits the fan? What is the church all about? etc. Join us on this wild adventure called Heaven's Invasion. 

Debbie Wheeler